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Base Classes


Class Features

  • Dream-Based Eldritch Invocations




Celestial Experiment Feats

Fell Experiment Feats


Variant Rules


  • Lizard Bloat


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Races Faun (5e Race) Gremlin (5e Race) Spriggan (5e Race)
Classes Alchemist (5e Class) Cardcaster (5e Class) Diabolist (5e Class) Feywalker (5e Class) Noble (5e Class) Occultist (5e Class)
Character Options Alchemist's Apprentice (5e Background) Bloodkeeper's Barricade (5e Background) Epitheos Monastery (5e Background)
Feats Abyssal Hide (5e Feat) Alchemical Artillerist (5e Feat) Astrologer (5e Feat) Balor Wings (5e Feat) Bloodkeeper Arts (5e Feat) Cardshark (5e Feat) Cartomancy (5e Feat) Chosen of Fortune (5e Feat) Cosmic Ritualist (5e Feat) Couatl Crest (5e Feat) Deva Wings (5e Feat) Devil’s Arm (5e Feat) Dretch Belch (5e Feat) Expeditious Alchemy (5e Feat) Greased Lightning (5e Feat) Holy Drive (5e Feat) Imp’s Eye (5e Feat) Infernal Horns (5e Feat) Infernal Mask (5e Feat) Intuitive Diviner (5e Feat) Metaknowledge (5e Feat) Mounted Musketeer (5e Feat) Pernicious Poisoner (5e Feat) Planetar Visage (5e Feat) Solar Gaze (5e Feat) Soul of Light (5e Feat) Swordsaint (5e Feat) Unicorn Horn (5e Feat) Vrock Feathers (5e Feat)
Equipment Alchemical Torch (5e Equipment) Ammunition, Bullet (50) (5e Equipment) Ammunition, Fire Arrow/Bolt (20) (5e Equipment) Ammunition, Rounds (20) (5e Equipment) Ammunition, Shot (20) (5e Equipment) Barrel Chain Rifle (5e Equipment) Blunderbuss (5e Equipment) Carbine (5e Equipment) Elephant Gun (5e Equipment) Elephant Pistol (5e Equipment) Facemold Paste (5e Equipment) Fire Lance (5e Equipment) Flintlock Revolver (5e Equipment) Glacial Effector (5e Equipment) Gun Cane (5e Equipment) Gun Kit (5e Equipment) Gun Shield (5e Equipment) Hand Blunderbuss (5e Equipment) Hand Cannon (5e Equipment) Harmonica Pistol (5e Equipment) Harmonica Rifle (5e Equipment) Harquebus (5e Equipment) Harquebus Hybrid (5e Equipment) Hexagonal Rifle (5e Equipment) Hybrid Pistol (5e Equipment) King's Walking Staff (5e Equipment) Lead Ingot (5e Equipment) Lever Action Carbine (5e Equipment) Lever Action Pistol (5e Equipment) Matchlock Musket (5e Equipment) Matchlock Pistol (5e Equipment) Midnight Dust (5e Equipment) Musket (5e Equipment) Needle Rifle (5e Equipment) Pepperbox Pistol (5e Equipment) Pepperbox Rifle (5e Equipment) Pistol (5e Equipment) Pocket Pistol (5e Equipment) Powder Flask (5e Equipment) Repeating Flintlock Pistol (5e Equipment) Rest (5e Equipment) Revolver (5e Equipment) Revolving Blunderbuss (5e Equipment) Revolving Carbine (5e Equipment) Revolving Rifle (5e Equipment) Rifle (5e Equipment) Rotating Revolver (5e Equipment) Saber (5e Equipment) Smoke Bomb (5e Equipment) Sparksprig (5e Equipment) Triangular Bayonet (5e Equipment) Turret Pistol (5e Equipment) Turret Rifle (5e Equipment) Volley Musket (5e Equipment) Volley Pistol (5e Equipment)
Magic Items Adamantine Bullet (5e Equipment) Bloodkeeper Crystal (5e Equipment) Calamity Blade (5e Equipment) Dire Bear Mask (5e Equipment) Dragon's Breath Shot (5e Equipment) Figurine of Wondrous Power: Agate Cat (5e Equipment) Goblin Mask (5e Equipment) Hag Mask (5e Equipment) Hill Giant Mask (5e Equipment) Jawbreakers' War Mask (5e Equipment) Mask of Humanity (5e Equipment) Mask of the Dragon (5e Equipment) Mask of the Feychild (5e Equipment) Mask of the Infernal Offspring (5e Equipment) Mask of the Shamed Royal (5e Equipment) Moon Powder (5e Equipment) No-Headed Coin (5e Equipment) Octopoid Mask (5e Equipment) Rain Match (5e Equipment) Spark Staff (5e Equipment) Stoneborn Death Mask (5e Equipment) The Ghost Hood (5e Equipment) The Proclaimer (5e Equipment) The Slashed Faces (5e Equipment) Visage of the Vampire (5e Equipment)
Spells Astromancy (5e Spell) Conjure Deep Abomination (5e Spell) Dreaming Tide (5e Spell) Drowning (5e Spell) Eclipse (5e Spell) Herculean Force (5e Spell) Putrefy Food (5e Spell) Universal Potion (5e Spell)
Variant Rules Capacity (5e Variant Rule) Chain Fire (5e Variant Rule) Double-Action (5e Variant Rule) Experimenting and Grafting (5e Variant Rule) Firearm Customization (5e Variant Rule) Loud (5e Variant Rule) Match Loading (5e Variant Rule) Misalignment (5e Variant Rule) Misfire (5e Variant Rule) Rest (5e Variant Rule) Shot (5e Variant Rule) Turret Chain Fire (5e Variant Rule) Unwieldy (5e Variant Rule) Volley (5e Variant Rule)
Creatures, Templates and NPCs Abrikandilu (5e Creature) Accuser Devil (5e Creature) Bibliognost (5e Creature) Black Icer (5e Creature) Blazing Spider (5e Creature) Blutsauger (5e Creature) Bolt-Thrower (5e Creature) Cacodaemon (5e Creature) Carrow (5e Creature) Clockwork Knight (5e Creature) Cloud Spider (5e Creature) Contract Devil (5e Creature) Djehuty (5e Creature) Forvirskrípi (5e Creature) Gear Spider (5e Creature) Geode Spider (5e Creature) Granitehead (5e Creature) Grimlock Brute (5e Creature) Grimlock Supplicant (5e Creature) Grinder (5e Creature) Hlaupa (5e Creature) Hydrodaemon (5e Creature) Knútadraugr (5e Creature) Littoral Spider (5e Creature) Living Spellbook (5e Creature) Magma Elemental (5e Creature) Maw Swarm (5e Creature) Mubida (5e Creature) Mud Elemental (5e Creature) Ochokochi (5e Creature) Oculite (5e Creature) Plaguebelly (5e Creature) Poludnitsa (5e Creature) Revilock (5e Creature) Revilock Paragon (5e Creature) Samovila (5e Creature) Sand Elemental (5e Creature) Slithering Crown (5e Creature) Slitherwhite (5e Creature) Smoke Elemental (5e Creature) Snow Angel (5e Creature) Steam Elemental (5e Creature) Storm Elemental (5e Creature) Thanadaemon (5e Creature) Thornfist (5e Creature) Thuull (5e Creature) Titivullus (5e Creature) Troglodyte Meatseeker (5e Creature) Troglodyte Wallower (5e Creature) Viy (5e Creature) Wailer on the Ice (5e Creature) Warmonger Devil (5e Creature) Íssax (5e Creature)
gollark: No, I mean, as far as I can see that requires you to have three candidates and no more.
gollark: That would limit you to three candidates.
gollark: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrow's_impossibility_theorem
gollark: Approval voting (basically just what we have now but you can vote for multiple people) is among the less bad ways to vote.
gollark: Maybe? There are other countries with her as head of state.
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