The Orbs are magical items with various effects. They can be roughly divided into Orbs with continuous effects (like Orb of Aether) which are active as long as you have charges, instant effect orbs, which have a one-time effect on pickup, one-shot Orbs (like Orb of Flash) which must be used before their charges disappear, but only work once, long-range Orbs (like Orb of Mind) which can spend charges in order to perform some action affecting a non-adjacent cell, and special orbs.

Each Orb has a particular relation with various lands, determining whether the Orb can appear in that Land and under what circumstances. Generally, each land has one native Orb that is unlocked by collecting 10 treasures in that land. This also unlocks them in the Crossroads (of all types) and in the Ocean. By collecting 25 treasures in the same land, its native Orb will be unlocked in all lands.

"Secondary Orbs" start appearing in some lands after you collect 10 treasures there, but you can't unlock them anywhere else by collecting treasures in those lands; you must find the land where they are native.

Orbs by activation

  • Instant Effect Orbs
  • Continuous Effect Orbs
  • Ranged Orbs
  • One-Shot Orbs
  • Special Orbs

Orbs by effect

  • Movement Orbs
  • Combat Orbs
  • Alliance Orbs
  • Terrain-Altering Orbs
  • Monster-Impeding Orbs

Orbs by land

Icy Land

Living Cave


Land of Eternal Motion

Orb of Life will never appear in Land of Eternal Motion, as it would have no use there.

Orb of Safety will never appear in Living Cave, Desert, Minefield, Alchemist Lab, Living Fjord, Dead Cave, Red Rock Valley, Hell or Cocytus, as its use might be dangerous there.


Mirror Land

Magic Mirror isn't technically an Orb, but it follows the same unlock rules.


Alchemist Lab

Orb of Air can never appear in Alchemist Lab as it would have no effect there.



Palace Quest

Orb of Aether, Orb of Flash, Orb of Summoning and Orb of Teleport will never appear during a Palace Quest, as they would make the quest too easy.

Orb of Love is only ever unlocked in Crossroads/Ocean; it can't be unlocked in other lands.


Living Fjord



Orb of Water will never appear in Land of Eternal Motion, Zebra or Ivory Tower, as it would have no effect there.


Temple of Cthulhu

No non-native Orbs can appear in the Temple of Cthulhu

Elemental Planes

Dry Forest


Dead Cave

Collecting 25 Silver will only unlock Orb of Earth in the following lands as it would be useless elsewhere: Living Cave, Desert, Living Fjord, Caribbean, Graveyard, Red Rock Valley and Emerald Mine



Red Rock Valley

Ivory Tower

Orb of Luck can never appear in Ivory Tower as it would have no effect there.

Orb of Matter will never appear in Living Cave, Minefield, Alchemist Lab, Caribbean, Emerald Mine or Cocytus as it would have no effect there.

Overgrown Woods

Land of Storms

Emerald Mine


Orb of Trickery is unlocked in Camelot, Crossroads and Ocean by collecting just 1 Holy Grail. Collecting 3 will unlock it everywhere.



Orb of the Dragon, Orb of Fire, Orb of Flash and Orb of Storms will never appear in Cocytus as their use would be dangerous there.

Land of Power

No Orbs other than those mentioned can appear in Land of Power.

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