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AML: Hardcore Revolution, released September 15, 2003, is a video starring Adam, Marcus, and Liam. It is the first video in the AML series that was continued by AML 2. AML is comparatively low-quality because of the low quality formats used in both importing and exporting the video clips.

The idea for an AML video started in 2001, when the boys often used Marcus's video camera to record themselves doing various things, usually inspired by the CKY videos. They decided to release their own video, and set about making an intro on Marcus's Hi-8 camera. The intro consisted of Marcus and Liam jumping through bushes and getting closer and closer to the camera. The idea was soon abandoned when it was discovered that there was no way to edit videotape.

Finally, Adam got a digital video camera in 2002. The boys started working on AML again, which they code-named "Project P". It went through many changes, including a switch from uLead Video Studio to Adobe Premiere and many editing differences.

The video was finally released at Clackamas High School on September 15, 2003. It was free, but donations were accepted. It has been seen by approximately 100 people and various catchphrases ("looks like marcus is in a pillow sandwich", "you got a guilty face; what'd you do", and "why would a lamp be outside?") were repeated in the halls of Clackamas High School.

Video summary


The video's intro is set to a cover of "Paint it Black" by the punk band Gob. The video opens with a random freakout by Marcus. Marcus has just dropped his board in the mud and is yelling at Liam. Adam mocks him by saying "It's your fault too, Liam!" Marcus then starts punching Liam which prompts him to hand the camera over to Jimmy.

Liam gets kicked out

Liam is kicked out of the house for antagonizing Pepsi and Pepper, Marcus' weiner dogs. Marcus freaks out as usual and pushes Liam aside. Liam's "best part" line here is a reference to Phil Margera in CKY. At this point, Adam, as the editor starts a "right now" count because he noticed how many times (4) Marcus said right now in the scene.

Bush Jumping 2K3

Liam in a vulnerable position about to be pushed over by Adam.

Bush Jumping 2K3 is a montage of Bush Jumping clips set to "Rock 'N' Roll and the Teenage Desperation" by Loudermilk. The clips actually were shot three different days, but uploaded around January 2003. Adam frequently cites this as an example of how they could have improved the movie; he says by cutting down the length of the Bush Jumping part, audience interest could be retained. The end shot of the Verizon sign at the GTE House is also often cited as the best outro ever edited.

Random clips

Liam with his shirt off being weird, Marcus burning himself during a Study Buddies session, and Adam jumping into a board in his backyard.

The Goatse Kid

Christa was babysitting some random kid, so Liam took it upon himself to make the kid say Goatse. Marcus took offense to this and runs toward Liam, throwing his skateboard in the mud in the process. From this, we come full circle to the introduction of the movie.

The Lamp

Possibly the most coincedental event in AML history. The clip opens with a sound of crashing glass and Marcus yelling, cussing, and throwing things at Liam. Liam had walked into the room and tripped over the cord, knocking the lamp over and breaking the lightbulb. It is important to note that although Marcus claims Liam broke his lamp, he in fact only broke the lightbulb. Marcus states that Liam has broken "three of his things", an N64 controller (broken when Liam, excited over scoring a goal in a FIFA soccer game, jumped on the controller and broke the control stick), a candle (a big peace sign candle that Liam broke when he knocked it off a shelf), and now the lamp.

When Marcus tells Liam he's going to break his hockey stick, Adam says "No... not DSL!" This is a reference to The Stolen Snowboards when Jay told Liam they were going to have to forego DSL to pay for the snowboards.

The three walk down to Liam's House to get a new light bulb. The first and second coincidental events happen when Jay tells Marcus he has a guilty face and asks him what he did, and when Liam asks for a light bulb only to have Jay tell him he just used the last one and was going to the store to get some. More confusion over whether Liam broke the lamp or just the light bulb. Jay gets irritated with Adam and tells him to turn the camera off.

The boys return, plug the lamp in, and it works. Marcus goes to get some ice cream but leaves the cord plugged in, in the same precarious position that caused Liam to trip over it in the first place. He declares "I won't trip over the cord the way Liam did." As soon as he leaves, Adam predicts that Marcus actually will forget and trip over the cord again. Lo and behold, Marcus actually does come in five minutes later and trips over the lamp, breaking the light bulb again.

Masturbation conversation

Alex Boettcher, JJ Berry, and Derek Czura speak about their masturbation habits while going to Boettcher's house for a LAN Party.

The Deathramp

Marcus introduces the deathramp.

The deathramp was devised by the boys after skateboarding one day as an AML stunt. The premise was one would fly down the hill on a skateboard, go off a ramp, and land on some "steel" mats (as they were often referred to in a parody of wrestling). This scene is set to Earache in My Eye by KoRn.

More Random clips and an Anti-Flag montage

Brandom Barber is his normal self, Marcus gets mad at Liam for sitting on his punching bag, and Marcus gets mad at Liam and Adam when they walk into his garage and tell him that his mom her van's lights is on. "9/11 For Peace" by Anti-Flag starts and a video montage occurs.

Looks like Marcus is in a pillow sandwich

During a MiniLAN, Liam is filming as Marcus and Adam get into a fight. Eventually Marcus gets mad and Adam piles pillows on him, declaring that Marcus is in "a pillow sandwich". He then adds a sleeping bag, pretending it is the mayo. The line became the most popular to come out of AML.

Adam and the pudding

Adam reacts after slapping himself.

Adam needed to waste time on his camera, so he decided to slap himself with a hand covered in pudding. He did it one time and messed up, using the other side of his face for the next take. You can still see the pudding on the other side if you look carefully.

A clip of porto-tipping is shown starring JJ Berry.

Liam's Gayest Moment Ever

Liam was doing push-ups because he was inspired by the goons of Something Awful to do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups every day. He had his shirt off for some reason and Adam told him to put it on. He said his famous line, "You take yours off!"

Rancid montage

A montage set to "Black Lung" by Rancid. Prominent themes include Marcus beating up Liam and skateboarding.

Trading Spaces in Vegas

Adam was filming himself eating dinner with his family and saw that the tape was about to run out. Deciding he needed to do something extreme, he fell out of his chair, only to rise again and shout "TRADING SPACES IN VEGAS?!"

Can smashing

Ricky Garcia and JJ Berry smash cans on their heads during a LAN Party at Alex Boettcher's house.

The mysterious case

Liam and Adam found a mysterious case in Al Luchini's truck. After asking him what it was, he told them it was a magnetic transmitter, which the boys didn't believe. They made him open it up on film. Liam's hypothesis is that it's a "thing with a bunch of tools in it". Adam made the executive decision not to show what was actually in the case in the movie, but it was really just a display case for a convention.

Marcus' ramp jump

Liam supervises as Jimmy measures off the jump.

Marcus jumps 17 feet off a skateboard ramp onto some mats. As he's going for 18 feet, Christa backs out of the driveway and runs over the ramp, breaking it.

The End

The credits roll, people are thanked (including Jon Guerber), and Adam got the great idea to do a photo montage. An end blooper shows Liam shying away as Adam attempts to hit him in the head with a printer. At the end, the video claims "AML 2 will be released in 2004 or later."