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AML 2, released in February 2005, is a home-made video and is the sequel to AML: Hardcore Revolution. It stars Adam, Liam, and Marcus as well as a host of other interesting characters.

AML2 would have never been released if it weren't for Adam. During the winter of 2003/2004, a couple months after AML came out, he got bored and decided to edit the AML2 intro, which consisted of a ripped video from Warcraft III of a bird flying against some mountains, and awesome solarized fast motion video set to a Crystal Method song. He showed it to Liam, and Liam said it was the best intro he'd ever seen. However, an entire year passed without any work being done on AML2, because the boys were simply too busy. Every once in a while, some lonely soul would plead, "Please get AML2 done!" But nothing was ever done about it.

However, during the winter break of next year, Adam got bored again, and decided to start editing AML2. He went ahead and edited the entire thing. Liam and Adam planned on a sneak release, because no one expected the video to ever be released. The first edit was completed on January 11th, 2005, and passed on to Liam. Adam had a problem with finding a correct codec to use, but Liam messed around until he found something that was both small in size and low quality.

Like the first one, since its release in February, the movie has been extensively quoted, especially the Jay Rosen scenes with the fire alarm, and the "honey on a beehive" scene.

With the disc, the AML and AML 2 soundtracks were bundled, along with a text file explaining some history behind the video. A week after AML 2 was released, Liam also compiled and released a CD containing AML and AML 2 commentary tracks.

AML 3?

At the end of the movie, a title screen claims "AML 3 will be out... NEVER YOU CUNTS". Even after this, some questions were asked about as to whether there will be a sequel. In March 2005, Adam edited a minute long AML 3 teaser intro, with no footage. If AML 3 ever does come out, it is unlikely to be soon due to Marcus' disappearance and Liam moving to Washington.

Notable parts


The most famous video ever that Liam has possibly ever made. Liam filmed Jay trying to turn off two smoke alarms. Spawned the catchphrases "Knock it off, Liam!" "Quit bein' a jerk!" and "Is that one on?"

Nathan Parnell homecoming prince

A video Liam edited of Nathan Parnell's uncle going crazy after Nathan appeared on a homecoming float. Spawned the popular catchphrase honey on a beehive.

AML: The Rise and Fall

An animated video about the history of AML, voiced by Adam Luchini.

Alex Mack montage

A montage of kickass videos Adam made on his digital camera set to the Alex Mack theme.