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Liam Rosen (Born May 28, 1987) is the L in AML. He is a Clackamas High School graduate and a student at the University of Puget Sound.

Liam was born in Canton, Ohio, and moved to Bellevue, Ohio when he was 2 years old. He then moved to Wilsonville, Oregon, and finally to Sylvan Meadows in the summer of 1996 (see arguments for more explanation on this).

During his childhood, Liam was often made fun of by Marcus and Adam because he is Irish and was (according to them) overweight.



  • Lee-Lee - Marcus often used to call him this, and later on Al Luchini called him this as well.
  • Lemonhead - Marcus's delinquent sister, Christa, somehow invented this nickname.
  • Daddy's Dick - an insult often used by Marcus.
  • Liam-dick - it was found that saying the word "Liam" and adding a swear word on the end made a great nickname. This was the first.
  • Liface - Pronounced Lee-face. Jeff Raetz made up this nickname in the 4th grade.