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The Stolen Snowboards was perhaps the most devastating saga in AML history. It all started when Liam's cousins came to stay with him from Virginia. They had planned to go snowboarding up at Timberline, so Jay asked Adam if he wanted to come snowboarding. Adam had never gone before, and wanted to try it out, so he said yes. However, the night before, he decided he didn't really want to go. He had planned to tell Liam, but never did. The following incident is a prime example of the saying "Always go with your gut instinct."

They got up early in the morning and drove up to Timberline, stopping at a snowboard rental store in Welches, OR. Both Adam and Liam rented nice snowboards for an affordable price. Adam got a K2 and Liam got a Palmer Classic. They got to Timberline and Liam had to teach Adam how to snowboard, but things went pretty smoothly. They snowboarded all day and Adam was just starting to get the hang of it. The boys were both pretty tired, and wanted to go home. However, Liam's cousins were having so much fun that they wanted to stay and do some night skiing. Liam and Adam decided to go into one of the lodges and rest. They both stuck their snowboards on a rack at the entrance of the lodge. They were in the lodge for no longer than 5 minutes, and came back out because everyone decided it was time to leave. It was dark at this point, and Liam grabbed his snowboard and started walking off. Adam exclaimed "Whoa. I can't find my board." Liam said "I have mine. Oh wait... THIS ISN'T MINE." They both ran over to the rack, but both their snowboards were gone. Jay came over and started freaking out. A thorough perusal of the snowboard racks were had, but they were nowhere to be found. At this point everyone was freaking out, and Jay was about to kill someone. They searched all over every lodge for like 2 hours, and finally submitted a report with the rental place, and left.

Liam and Adam had to ride in the back of the truck (this is also the same time as the toasted bagel incident) on the way home. The whole time, no one could hear them, so they basically yelled and cussed at the people who had stolen their snowboards. Neither of them had been wronged so harshly before in their lives. Jay stopped at the rental shop in Welches on the way back, but the manager wasn't there, so the employees working told him to come back the next morning. Unfortunately, the rental agreement stated the both snowboards would have to be paid for, amounting for more than FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS, EACH.

Now, in any normal family, the money would have been paid and the whole incident forgotten about. But not in Jay Rosen's family. Liam went to sleep... and slept happily. Until 5:40 AM IN THE GODDAMN MORNING, when he was awoken by Jay. He was like "What the hell do you want?" Jay explained that they were going to go back up to Timberline and... here's the clincher: "stay at the lift lines and see if anyone was using their snowboards". Jay Rosen, as usual, was completely out of control. Liam refused to go, and they argued for a good thirty minutes before he was finally forced to go with Jay. He brought his trusty tape recorder to record the events he knew were to come. The conversation on the way up was one of the most epic in AML history. Jay expounded on how little money the family had, and how they would have to give up some of their luxuries to help pay for it. Perhaps the most memorable quote was the following:

Liam: So what if you find the guy who has our boards? What are you gonna do, punch him?
Jay: I'm gonna drag his ass inta the rental shop. SHHYEAH!

Basically they both wasted the fine Sunday morning standing up at Timberline, and as was predicted, saw 0 people with either snowboard. And that was when Liam vowed to get his revenge on Jay Rosen AKA the worst father in the world.

In the end, Jay found some loophole and got both the snowboards claimed under homeowners insurance, so they only had to pay 90 dollars apiece. For a long time afterwards, whenever Liam and Adam saw anyone with snowboards going up to the mountain, they would jokingly say "Hey, those are our snowboards!"

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