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Marcus Edward Hernandez (born October 1989) is the M in AML. He is of Cuban heritage, and both his parents are deaf. Marcus is by far the most vulgar of the three.

Marcus had an affinity for testing out bats. Whenever he was at Adam's house, he would go into the garage and test out the bats by swinging them and remarking "This is a really nice bat!"


  • Monk - He kind of resembles a monkey. This was Marcus's perfect dark monniker.
  • Mar Mar Binks - A spin off of Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars: Episode 1.
  • Marcith - His name but if you were to say it with a lisp.
  • LtMarky - He actually stole this from Mark Seymour and used it as his Starcraft nickname.
  • MK Hernandy - The MK basically just comes from two parts of his name.