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StarCraft is a real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It is Liam's favorite multiplayer game of all time. Liam was introduced to it on Christmas Day 1999, when he got it as a gift from his cousins. At first, he thought it looked dumb, but he soon installed it and realized how awesome it was.

At school, Liam heard Alex Loescher talking about the game, so the two soon began to play online. Liam introduced Adam and Marcus to the game, letting them install it with CD-Keys they acquired illegally at GameStop in the mall by clandestinely examining used copies of the game and memorizing the keys for later use. The three would often play against computers, getting good enough to challenge five computers at once. Almost every LANner has played this game at once.

A mystery that has never been solved is how the boys had enough CD-Keys to play the game. Liam got one because he had a legal copy of the game, Marcus got one from GameStop, but it is not known how Adam got his CD-key.

The channel that Liam and Adam played in was always called "Rinkworks". If they wanted to avoid someone, they used channel "perd". The game name was always folex, and the password was always a.

Recent resurgences

Liam and Adam began playing the game again in March 2007, along with David Ong, Nathan Parnell, Alex Loescher, Robert Elder, Jon Turnquist and Kyle Pratuch.


I'm off to a bad start

Whenever Adam or Liam started a game in StarCraft, they would say "I'm off to a bad start".

Because they would mostly play against computer opponents, a good start could be the key to winning or losing a game. This meant getting drones to mine minerals correctly, building supply depots at the right times, and knowing when to produce units. Whenever Liam didn't accomplish these things, he would announce that he was off to a bad start. He did this more and more often, until it became a regularity, often being announced by everyone in the game within 2 seconds of game's start.

zelda penis

A competition that emerged on was to be the last person to say something in the chat window of the lobby right before the game launched. Adam and Liam frequently tried to do this, and eventually came up with the perfect phrase to say: "zelda penis". When they noticed they won every game after they said it, it became a tradition to say zelda penis in the lobby.

I hope you guys got cable

Shortly after StarCraft was released, the ability to rush, or build a small number of units fast and attack within minutes, became a major part of the game's strategy. Many players viewed this as cheap, and as a result developed "rush limits", which meant that players were forbidden to rush after a certain time limit, like 25 minutes.

Adam was playing a multiplayer game one time, and the game's host ludicrously announced "I hope you guys got cable, because there's no rush.... FOR THREE DAYS".


Nathan Parnell's signature catchphrase. Adam and Liam gave this catchphrase to Nathan when he played StarCraft for the first time. Out of nowhere, Adam suggested that Nathan say "gotcha" after everything him and Liam said to make sure he understood it. Nathan complied and they went on to win the game.

Sidenote: Little did Nathan know both Liam and Adam were joking when they said they were off to a bad start. Nathan really was off to a bad start, and only built defense.

tech trees

Almost every building in StarCraft has requirements to build it. In addition to the minerals and gas needed, buildings often need to be built by the player in order to have access to some of the later buildings in the game. For this reason, there exists a "technology tree" in StarCraft, often shortened to "tech tree". Liam picked this up one day when playing multiplayer online. He later played with Adam, and told him to make sure to upgrade his tech trees. Adam mocked him for saying it and it continues to be referenced even today.

gaytoss and poop zerg

In order to avoid confusion every player is assigned a different color. When someone plays the race Protoss and gets the color purple, they are referred to as "gaytoss". When someone plays Zerg and gets brown, they are referred to as "poop zerg".

My scv is doing the disco

One day, Adam was using a tape recorder to record himself playing Starcraft by himself. Near the middle of the tape, he all of a sudden shouts, "MY SCV IS DOING THE DISCO I SWEAR I SWEAR IT'S DOING THE DISCO I SWEAR!" He was referring to a bug in the game where the units get stuck and spin around really fast in place.