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Zelda Marti Luchini, born in 1996, was Adam's lovable and crazy black dog. This border collie was brought into the Luchini household on January 17, 1997. Her original name when she was brought from the pound was "Breezy", but Adam changed her name to Zelda, a reference to the Legend of Zelda series of videogames. The AML boys have had many adventures with this scrappy pup.

One thing the boys loved to do was chase Zelda around Adam's yard when she was a puppy. She was too small and would frequently slip through their grasps. So Adam invented a way to catch her: he would threaten to give her a bath and hold up his puppy shampoo, which was called "Sergeant's Puppy Shampoo". For some reason, she would always become docile around the sight of the shampoo.

Her middle name, "Marti", is in reference to Martin Luther King's day, which was the day she was brought into Adam's family.

Marcus never knew if Zelda was a boy or a girl, and frequently called her "he".


  • Zelly Belly - A name Al Luchini came up with.
  • Zeller Beller - A rip off of Zelly Belly that Marcus came up with.
  • Snoocher - Just a random name Adam calls her.
  • Sniffy - Yet another random name.
  • Nigger - A BAD NAME