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Perfect Dark (aka perd) is a first-person shooter for the Nintendo 64. It's considered by the three boys to be the best N64 game ever, because it improves on all elements of Goldeneye's graphics and gameplay.

The AML crew used to walk down to Blockbuster to rent this game. After months of renting the game to play over the weekend, they decided to go buy it. The money that was made from yard work was put into a special envelope on Liam's wall known as the "Perd Fund". When they had saved enough money they undertook an epic bike-riding adventure down 122nd, looking for places that sold the game. Finally, they found a copy at Circuit City for the bargain price of $10.

Thousands of hours were spent in the multiplayer mode dueling simulants. The game would usually be rented on a Friday, so it could be played for the entire weekend and then returned sometime in the next week.

Marcus is the only one of the boys to earn all four medals in a multiplayer game. This included the Survivor, Headshot, Killmaster, and Accuracy. He also had a record of 41 kills and 8 deaths. This happened in a game versus simulants on the Complex level.


  • fRuPiNaToR - One time, Adam started up a game rented from Blockbuster to find the game profile name was "fRuPiNaToR," which is like the funniest name ever. A couple months later, they rented it again and the same name was there. The name has been used for the profile ever since.
  • folex8 - folex8 is Adam's AIM screen-name. Not many people know that it originally came from Perfect Dark. He asked Liam and Marcus for an idea for an in-game nickname. "Felix" was suggested, so he tried to spell it using the controller. He accidentally messed up and spelled "Folex". When trying to press the Enter key to finalize the name, an "8" was hit instead. Adam took this to mean that destiny was trying to tell him something, so the name Folex was forever immortalized.
  • I'm the FBI agent - a character Marcus chose for multiplayer mode. When Liam asked him what his character was, he got mad and said "I'm the FBI Agent like I told you like the first time I fucking picked a guy you stupid shit!" Adam was recording the entire game, so the original sound file can be found here.
  • Perd - for some reason, the game's name was shortened to this, so one could easily say "Let's go play the perd." This was also used as a channel name for Starcraft.
  • Whip out your gun and protect me - this came from a session of Perfect Dark that was filmed for viewing purposes later. The boys never actually watched it and it was recorded over by Adam when he was making one of his Lego videos. As he uploaded the video onto his computer, he noticed a three second snippet of Perfect Dark hilarity. Marcus screamed "Liam, whip out your gun and protect me!" followed by Liam proclaiming "I have no gun!" and Adam providing comedic relief by yelling "AAAH!"
Media: perd.wmv (385 kb)


The following quotes were taken from a recorded game of Perfect Dark.

(Marcus dies)
Marcus: Let my body hit the floor!

Liam: Is there a gun in that room?
(Marcus screams)
Adam: Get out of the way, i'm trying to shoot him.
Liam: Is there a gun in that room?
Marcus: Oh sweet I have a Callisto! WITH NO AMMO!
Liam: Isn't there a gun in that room?
Marcus (screaming): NO!
Adam (screaming): NO!
Marcus: DO YOU THINK WE WOULD HAVE GOT IT? Oh my god. (mocking Liam: Is there a gun in the room, Is there a gun in the room?) I think we would have gotten the gun.
Liam: ALRIGHT, I didn't know.
Marcus: We were in there for like, what do you know, an hour?
Liam: Well I wasn't paying attention, I was just trying to kill my own guys over here, alright.
Adam: Shut the fuck up.

Marcus: I'm in the A-Day base.
Liam: That's my base, freak.
Marcus: No it's not!
Adam: Liam, fuck, it's always been the A-Day base.
Liam: It's been my base for like a long tim--
Adam: What the fuck is this kid talking about?
Marcus: I don't know, you better shut the fuck up. I'll tape your mouth shut motherfucker.
Liam: You are a bitch.

Marcus: You died lee?
Liam: Yeah.
Marcus: Thank you for telling me!
Adam: Well the dead body on the floor is kind of a hint.
Marcus: Well he was behind me, you dumbshit.
Adam: Fuck you!
Marcus: Fuck you too!
Adam: Fuck you also!

Adam: What the fuck? Your fucking laptop killed me when I regenerated! Fucker! Fuck you Liam. Blow that thing up.

Marcus: I'm gonna fuck your mom Liam. Just fuck your mom so hard up the ass.
Liam: That's sick.
Marcus: Fuck her.
Marcus: She loves the doggy style baby.
Adam: She loves the cock.
(10 second pause)
Marcus: Haha, Jay and Silent Bob.

(Liam turns recorder on without Marcus or Adam knowing. It's the middle of the game.)
Liam: Alright, Perfect Dark, best game, here we go.
Adam: That was random.
Liam: Yeah, it sure was random, wasn't it Adam.