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Changes that have occurred in the history of ComputerCraft.

See also, ComputerCraft Timeline, a more general timeline of ComputerCraft including events such as the release of significant programs, joining/promotion of significant users, etc.

Version New Features or Changes Minecraft Version
ComputerCraft 1.79
  • Ported ComputerCraftEdu to Minecraft 1.8.9.
  • Fixed a handful of bugs in ComputerCraft.
ComputerCraft 1.77 - 1.78 1.8.9
ComputerCraft 1.76
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.8.
  • Added Ender Modems for cross-dimensional communication.
  • Fixed handling of 8-bit characters. All the characters in the ISO 8859-1 codepage can now be displayed.
  • Added some extra graphical characters in the unused character positions, including a suite of characters for Teletext-style drawing.
  • Added support for the new commands in Minecraft 1.8 to the Command Computer.
  • The return values of turtle.inspect() and commands.getBlockInfo() now include blockstate information.
  • Added commands.getBlockInfos() function for Command Computers.
  • Added new "peripherals" program.
  • Replaced the "_CC_VERSION" and "_MC_VERSION" constants with a new "_HOST" constant.
  • Shortened the length of time that "Ctrl+T", "Ctrl+S" and "Ctrl+R" must be held down to terminate, shutdown or reboot the computer.
  • textutils.serializeJSON() now takes an optional parameter allowing it to produce JSON text with unquoted object keys. This is used by all autogenerated methods in the commands API except for "title" and "tellraw".
  • Fixed many bugs.
ComputerCraft 1.75
  • Fixed monitors sometimes rendering without part of their text.
  • Fixed a regression in the “bit” API.
ComputerCraft 1.74 1.7.10
ComputerCraft 1.71 - 1.73
  • [CC 1.71] The program, commands.exec() and all related Command Computer functions now return the console output of the command.
  • [CC 1.72 - 1.73] Fixed two multiplayer-only crash bugs when placing certain blocks.
ComputerCraft 1.7
  • Added Command Computers.
  • Added new API: commands.
  • Added new programs: , .
  • Added textutils.serializeJSON().
  • Added ILuaContext.executeMainThreadTask() for peripheral developers.
  • Disk Drives and Printers can now be renamed with Anvils.
  • Fixed problems with HD texture packs.
  • Fixed various bugs and crashes.
  • Documented all the new features in the in-game help system.
ComputerCraft 1.65
  • Fixed a multiplayer-only crash with
  • Fixed some problems with
  • Fixed fs.getDrive() returning incorrect results on remote peripherals.
ComputerCraft 1.64 1.7.10
ComputerCraft 1.63
  • Turtles can now be painted with dyes, and cleaned with water buckets.
  • Added a new game: – ComputerCraft Edition by RamiLego (type “redirection” on an Advanced Computer to play).
  • Turtle label nameplates now only show when the Turtle is moused-over.
  • The HTTP API is now enabled by default, and can be configured with a whitelist of permitted domains.
  • http.get() and now accept parameters to control the request headers.
  • New fs API function: fs.getDir( path ).
  • Fixed some bugs.
ComputerCraft 1.62
  • Fixed some bugs which were crashing the game.
  • now supports IRC commands.
ComputerCraft 1.61
  • Fixed a bug where newly placed Computers would share their folder structure until game restart.
  • Fixed a bug where running Computers might not automatically restart as the game did so.
ComputerCraft 1.6 1.6.4
ComputerCraft 1.58
  • Fixed a long standing bug where Turtles could lose their identity.
  • Fixed use of deprecated code, ensuring mod compatibility with the latest versions of Minecraft Forge and world compatibility with future versions of Minecraft.
ComputerCraft 1.57
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.6.4.
  • Added two new Treasure Disks: Conway’s Game of Life by vilsol and Protector by fredthead.
  • Fixed a very nasty item duplication bug.
ComputerCraft 1.56
  • Added Treasure Disks: Rare Floppy Disks found only in dungeons, which contain fun programs made by the community. Find them all!
  • All turtle API functions now return additional error messages when they fail.
  • Resource Packs with Lua Programs can now be loaded when extracted to a folder, for easier editing.
Computercraft 1.55 1.6.2
ComputerCraft 1.53 1.5.2
Computercraft 1.52
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.5.1.
Computercraft 1.51 1.5
Computercraft 1.5
  • Redesigned Wireless Modems; they can now send and receive on multiple channels, independent of the computer ID. To use these features, interface with modem peripherals directly. The rednet API still functions as before.
  • Floppy Disks can now be dyed with multiple dyes, just like armour.
  • The “excavate” program now retains fuel in it’s inventory, so can run unattended.
  • now tries all possible block orientations before failing.
  • turtle.refuel(0) returns true if a fuel item is selected.
  • turtle.craft(0) returns true if the inventory is a valid recipe.
  • The in-game help system now has documentation for all the peripherals and their methods, including the new Modem functionality.
  • A romantic surprise.
Computercraft 1.481
  • Fixed compatibility bug with MiscPeripherals.
Computercraft 1.48 1.4.6
ComputerCraft 1.47
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.4.4.
  • Fixed label tooltips not showing up in SMP.
ComputerCraft 1.46
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.4.2.
  • ComputerCraft items now have their own tab in Creative Mode.
ComputerCraft 1.45 1.3.2
ComputerCraft 1.43
  • Added Printed Pages (bind several Printed Page items into one with a string).
  • Added Printed Books (add a leather cover to the above).
  • Labelled Turtles now keep their fuel when broken.
  • Fixed incompatibility with Forge 275 and above.
ComputerCraft 1.42 1.3.2
ComputerCraft 1.41
  • Fixed labelled Computers not keeping their data when destroyed.
  • Fixed the “excavate” program outputting lots of spam.
  • File system size limits now take into account empty files and directories.
  • Some small changes to the Turtle Upgrade API ahead of it’s impending release. (Update: The API has now been released).
ComputerCraft 1.4 1.2.5
ComputerCraft 1.33
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.5.
ComputerCraft 1.32
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.4.
  • Fixed a big memory leak in LuaJ that caused extra threads to stay around forever when Computers were shut down.
ComputerCraft 1.31
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.2.3.
  • Added Monitors (thanks to Cloudy). Build huge external displays for your Computers!
  • New positioning capabilities for Computers and Turtles. Build GPS networks and triangulate the positions of your Turtle's position so they never get lost!
  • New function for Turtles for more intelligent mining.
  • New programs and APIs: gps, monitor, vector API.
  • New program: pastebin (requires enableAPI_HTTP=1 in ComputerCraft.cfg), upload and download programs made by other users ingame!
  • Added a new top secret program designed for use with Monitors, see if you can find it.
  • Lots of additions to existing APIs and programs. Type "help whatsnew" in game for full details.
ComputerCraft 1.3
  • Ported to Minecraft Forge.
  • Added Turtles, Mining Turtles, Wireless Turtles and Wireless Mining Turtles (Block ID 209).
  • Added a Peripheral API to allow mod developers to create custom peripherals for ComputerCraft. Details on this will be posted in the next few days.
  • Added Wireless Modems. Use the rednet API to send data wirelessly between Computers and Turtles!
  • Computers and Disk Drives no longer get destroyed by water.
  • Computers and Turtles can now be labelled, destroyed, and moved around, keeping their state.
  • Computers and Turtles can connect to adjacent devices and turn them on or off.
  • User programs now give line numbers in their error messages, for easier debugging.
  • New APIs and programs for Turtles: turtle, excavate, , , and dance.
  • Lots of additions to existing APIs and programs. Type "help whatsnew" in game for the full details.
ComputerCraft 1.21
  • Added shortcut key to shutdown the computer (CTRL + S).
  • Added a help API add-on pack.
  • Various bug fixes.
ComputerCraft 1.2 1.0
ComputerCraft 1.11
  • Fixed bug where Computers could not read input from RedPower cables which had a bend in the immediately adjacent square.
ComputerCraft 1.1
  • Changed the default block ID for the Computer to 207.
  • Added multiplayer support.
  • Added connectivity with RedPower bundled cables.
  • Added HTTP API.
  • Fixed support for HD textures on the front of Computers.
  • Added command history to the Computer.
  • Added config options to change the size of the Computer GUI and the text color.
  • Programs with infinite loops that don't yield will no longer freeze Minecraft and will terminate after 10 seconds.
  • Extended Help and fixed typos/small errors in various programs.
ComputerCraft 1.02
  • Fixed the MCPatcher HD textures incompatibility that was causing the computer texture to replace cobblestone blocks.
ComputerCraft 1.01
  • Added a ModLoader configuration file, so the computers block ID can be changed.
  • Made the error message that displays when Lua files are not correctly installed much more clear, no more "Assertion failed."
ComputerCraft 1.0
  • First Release.