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This page is for the Modem blocks. For the modem API, see Modem (API)
Grid workbench.png   Ender Modem
Item ID computercraft:advanced_modem
Damage Value 0
Peripheral? Yes- Modem (API)

Ender Modems are advanced versions of the Wireless Modem, introduced by ComputerCraft version 1.76 (for Minecraft 1.8). They use the same Modem API, but are capable of cross-dimensional transmissions.

They have an extreme range, capable of functioning across distances of up to 2,147,483,647 blocks (2^31-1, unaffected by height or weather), and are compatible with regular Wireless Modem signals. If the modems are not located with the same dimension, however, then the "distance" parameter will be excluded from the resulting modem_message events.

Whether or not communications between two modems are possible depends only on the range of the stronger of the two. This means, for example, that a single system running the Repeat script through an Ender Modem effectively opens up Rednet communications between regular Wireless Modems server-wide; while one Ender Modem-equipped GPS cluster per dimension is sufficient to handle most all location requests.

See also: Wired Modem, Wireless Modem.


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Example (Modem API)

  • Place 2 computers and add modems to them by clicking the right mouse button while sneaking.
  • Access them, and start Lua.
  • Once Lua has started, wrap your modem using peripheral.wrap() (something like "modem = peripheral.wrap("<side of modem>")
  • Type "modem.open (<A modem port number, anything from 1 to 65535>)" on one computer.
  • Check if there exists a connection: a dim, red light should be found on the modem.
  • Now, type "modem.transmit (<Same number as above>, <Also the same number>, 'Your message')" on the other computer. This should send your message to all computers connected.
  • Opening the first computer should show the message written on the second computer.

Modem as a Peripheral

To use a Modem as a peripheral, you need to either call a method directly using peripheral.call(), or, wrap the modem using the Peripheral API. Wrapped modems provide all functions listed in the Modem API.

For this example, we have a Modem connected to the top of our Computer, we are going to open channel 5:

-- Immediately invoke a method without wrapping
peripheral.call( "top", "open", 5 )
-- You can also "wrap" the peripheral side to a variable:
local modem = peripheral.wrap( "top" )
modem.open( 5 )


1.76Added Ender Modems.
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