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Grid workbench.png   Advanced Computer
Iso Advanced Computer.png
Item ID ComputerCraft:CC-Computer
Damage Value 16384
Peripheral? Yes- Computer (API)

The Advanced Computer is a Computer that has mouse support and can use the Color API for screen colors. They resemble the traditional computer console, but are golden coloured to match their crafting recipe. Computers, Advanced Computers and Command Computers have a resolution of 51 pixels/characters horizontally by 19 pixels/characters vertically.


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Grid Gold Ingot.png
Grid Gold Ingot.png
Grid Gold Ingot.png
Grid Redstone.png
Grid Gold Ingot.png
Grid Advanced Computer.png
Grid Gold Ingot.png
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Exclusive Functions

An advanced computer running Paint, a built-in program

Advanced Computers and Advanced Monitors both have access to color-setting functions in the Term (API). In contrast, the standard Computers and Monitors do not have full access to color-setting functions; they can only use black and white colors. Advanced Computers are capable of detecting mouse clicks, drags and scrolls, while the standard Computers and Monitors cannot.

Exclusive Programs & APIs

Peripheral Functions

Supports all the methods available to a Computer or Turtle.


1.45Added Advanced Computers.
1.55Tweaked screen colours.
1.74Improved performace of text rendering
1.77 / 1.78Can be mounted in Disk Drives.
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