Floppy Disk

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Floppy Disk
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Data valueNormal: 4101
Colored: 4102
Damage value0
Namespaced IDNormal: computercraft:disk
Colored: computercraft:diskExpanded

The system of disks and floppies in ComputerCraft were added in version 1.2. How they work and interact with the computers is very similar to how they would work in the real world with our real computers: There's a Disk Drive that we're able to insert removable disks (or floppies) which we're able to place data upon, which, in turn, makes data portable. This brings much potential for things such as servers running ComputerCraft and users of that server wishing to distribute their software for in-game currency.

The 1.42 update allows floppies to be colored with any kind of dye. This is done by putting a floppy and a dye in your crafting table.

Dyed Floppy Disks


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Like individual computers, each floppy disk has its own folder containing the data that is within that floppy and is easily movable from within the computers in Minecraft using the simple UNIX-like commands such as cp (copy) or mv (move). Just like anywhere else in a computer, you can create, edit, move, copy, etc., any files and do so however you wish.

To insert a floppy into a Disk Drive so it can be used, right-click the disk drive and place the floppy into the slot at the top of the drive's inventory menu.

Interacting with Computers

When a disk is inserted into a disk drive that is adjacent to a computer, a directory is visible in the computer's root directory titled 'disk'. If another disk is inserted into a different drive that is also connected to a computer then that next directory is entitled 'disk2' and so-on for each additional disk that is inserted and connected.


1.2Added Floppy Disks.
1.3Used for Turtles' programming.
1.4Added optional Floppy Disk space limits for Computers and Turtles.
1.42Floppy Disks can now be dyed different colours.
1.5Floppy Disks can now be dyed with multiple dyes, just like armour.
1.56Added Treasure Disks.
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