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This page is for the Modem blocks. For the modem API, see Modem (API)
Grid workbench.png   Wired Modem
Wired Modem.png
Item ID ComputerCraft:CC-Cable
Damage Value 0 (Networking Cable) - 1 (Wired Modem)
Peripheral? Yes- Modem (API)

Wired Modems are blocks which can be used to transfer data between computers, using the Rednet API or the Modem API. To place a modem on a side of a computer, right-click to place the modem while sneaking. To use the modems, you need to connect the modems to each other by placing Networking Cable (up to 256 segments between modems).

If a wired modem is placed on a peripheral, using it (right-clicking) will "connect" that peripheral to the network, providing a "network name" for the device via chat (eg, a monitor might be "monitor_10") - joined computers can then refer to the peripheral by this name (eg peripheral.wrap("monitor_10")).

See also: Wireless Modem, Ender Modem.


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Networking CableNetworking Cable
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Example (Rednet API)

  • Place 2 computers and add modems to them by clicking the right mouse button while sneaking.
  • Access them, and start Lua.
  • Once Lua has started, type "rednet.open ("<relative location to modem, e.g. left, right>")" on both computers.
  • Check if there exists a connection: a dim, red ring should be found around the modem, closest to the computer/peripheral it is connected to.
  • Type on one computer "rednet.receive (60)". This will make the computer freeze for 60 seconds, or until it has received a signal from the other computer(s).
  • Now, type "rednet.broadcast ('<your message>')" on the other computer. This should send your message to all computers connected.
  • Opening the first computer should show the message written on the second computer.

Example 2 (Modem and peripheral)

  • If you want to use a modem to communicate with a peripheral you might want to take a look at the Peripheral API

Modem as a Peripheral

To use a Modem as a peripheral, you need to either call a method directly using peripheral.call(), or wrap the modem using the Peripheral API. Wrapped modems provide all functions listed in the Rednet API.

For this example, we have a Modem connected to the top of our Computer:

-- Immediately invoke a method without wrapping
peripheral.call( "top", "open", 15 )
-- You can also "wrap" the peripheral side to a variable:
local modem = peripheral.wrap( "top" )
modem.open( 15 )


1.51Added Wired Modems.
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