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Mittens was an injured cat that stumbled down Timber Valley Drive in 2001 after apparently getting hit by a car. The cat was all white and very thin. Whenever it walked, it would begin to sway back and forth and fall to the ground, suggesting recent head trauma. Liam asked Jay to borrow the camera to take some pictures of the cat, but Jay wouldn't let him and said that he hoped the cat would die, because he hated cats. As minutes passed, the cat seemed to be getting worse, so the three boys decided to take it to a vet clinic. On the way to the clinic, Adam jokingly suggested that they should name it "Mittens" because it was a stereotypical cat name. Marcus got attached to the name, and referred to it as Mittens for the duration of the car ride. After handing the cat over to the medical team, a vet informed them that the cat couldn't be helped without a couple hundred dollars. The options were either to: keep the sickly and injured cat and have it die in a few days, pay a few hundred bucks to help it, or leave it with the clinic and have them put it to sleep. Sadly, Marcus, Adam and Liam decided that leaving it with the vet was the best option.