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Jay Rosen (born November 22, 1955) is a Jewish-American engineer currently living in Clackamas, Oregon. He is the father of Liam. Jay is best known as the comedic relief of the AML movies, and for being the worst parent to ever exist.

Jay spent most of his early life in Rockville, Maryland, graduating from Peary Highschool in 1973. Most of his highschool life is undocumented, although he was rumored to be a Varsity wrestler at the 135 weight class.

After high school, he went to the University of Maryland and transferred to the University of Rhode Island to get a bachelors degree in Engineering. He then met Cathy in Washington DC, and then became the worst parent ever when Liam was born on May 28, 1987.

Jay is notorious for not thinking logically. He did things like not let Liam take his own skateboard, with his own money to Blockbuster and go rent a movie.