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Marcus' trampoline was a great way to pass time. It was the source of many things AML, such as The Ball Game, wacky attack, and the boys pretending they were WWF Wrestlers. There were a bunch of different moves made up just for the trampoline. They are listed below:

  • Weight Shifter - Simply a jump where you landed on your butt to "shift" your weight around.
  • Body Shifter - Like the weight shifter, but you spread the weight out over your entire body.
  • Cat Prowler - Jumping, landing on your knees, and pouncing to the other side of the trampoline.
  • Snake Prowler - This move was invented by Marcus. The boys were sitting around thinking of moves to make up, and Marcus says "I've got one! The Snake Prowler!" He then did a Cat Prowler but made a hissing noise. Adam and Liam made fun of him whenever they could about this.

Another pastime the boys had while jumping on their trampoline was to throw their chewed gum onto the neighbor's roof. Gum can still be seen on the roof to this day.

One time, when Liam and Marcus and Chris were inside, Adam jumped on the trampoline and broke three springs. He told no one about this. Chris came back outside and started jumping on the trampoline and it ripped off the frame. For years, everyone blamed it on Chris, when it was really Adam's fault. Marcus still doesn't know about this.