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The Ball Game started when Adam and Marcus started kicking a soccerball around on a trampoline, trying not to let it fall off. Liam came over, and they decided to make some more rules.

5-9 balls were placed on the trampoline, and the object was to save them from going off while jumping around to make it difficult. There were 3 positions for the players, a top position, and two bottom ones, which were switched off each round. The person at the top position would gather all the balls at the start of the round, and release them while yelling something, such as "CELEBRATION" or "LIAM HAS CRUSTIES". The balls all had names, like Pinky, Stinky, Franklin, Franklin Junior, Puma, Arrow, Jammy and Bouncy.

When you got down to the last ball, you had to "challenge" each other by throwing the ball at someone to see if they could save it. It also sucked nuts to pick the balls up once they all fell off because dog shit was all over Marcus's lawn all the time.