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The Sewer Toy incident happened in 1998 when Adam, Liam, and Marcus were hanging out with their soon-to-be enemies The Teens. They were walking around the neighborhood and passed the teens playing basketball. A ball got loose and Marcus ended up shooting hoop with them while Adam and Liam sat on the sidewalk and continued their conversation.

Randomly, one of the teens came over and set down a McDonald's Happy Meal toy next to them and said, "This is my favorite toy in the world. Don't touch it!" And walked off. The two laughed and jokingly pretended to touch the toy. Minutes later, the two decided to leave Marcus and go to one of their houses. Accidently, Liam knocked over the toy and it fell through the sewer grate that was right next to the curb the were sitting on. They both stared in awe at the toy resting at the bottom of the sewer and ran away.