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Pokemon was a craze that swept through the nation in late 1999. It all started when Adam used to have a subscription to Nintendo Power. Liam and Adam would always wait for it to come every month, and then read it together in Adam's garage. One day they opened up the magazine to find a "very very gay" comic called "Pokemon". There was a poster cut-out of a bunch of different Pokemon, and they destroyed it by writing all over the Pokemon and making fun of them. But by the time the 2nd issue came, the boys actually started reading the comic and realized it was awesome.

Adam bought the Pokemon Red game soon after. After Liam watched him play it for a while, he went out and bought the Blue version.

At this time, the Pokemon TV show was starting to be shown. Marcus would always watch it when he got home from school, and Adam and Liam usually joined him. Marcus, for some reason, owned both the Red and Blue versions of the game, as well as a rare Yellow version. He also had the Gold and Silver versions, and if he hadn't wasted all his money on that crap he would have been less poor today.

The boys also bought into the Pokemon card craze, and frequently went to a store in the mall to buy boosters. The craze died out sometime in 2003.