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The Memento pictures were polaroids of Adam dressed up as Leonard Shelby from the movie Memento. On the day before school started, September 2nd, 2002 (Adam was a Junior, Liam a sophomore), the boys were bored. Adam had just watched Memento a day before and got inspired to take polaroids of him being the different characters. He put on nerd glasses and became Teddy, then put duct tape and ketchup over his mouth and became Dodd. Liam saw these pictures and decided to take it one step further. Adam replicated every tattoo that Guy Pearce wears in the movie with a sharpie, using the movie for reference. He also re-did the Dodd picture. Another picture of Marcus pinching his nipples was taken, with the caption "Access to drugs. He will help you." Finally, a picture of Jay Rosen's purple truck rounded out the bunch with the caption "Look under the seat".

The tattoos:

  • Left arm - She is gone | Time still passes
  • Right arm - Consider the source | Memory is treachery
  • Top (backwards) - John G. Raped and Murdered my Wife
  • Torso - Find him and kill him
  • Stomach - Photograph - car - house - friend - foe - condition
  • Left Stomach - Folex | Liface
  • Bottom Left - Day film (?) | Camera doesn't lie | Notes can be lost
  • Right Stomach - Don't trust your weakness
  • Pelvis - EAT

Liam got to school and started to mess with people by taking the picture of Adam out and asking people if they knew him. One day, he was in German class and a kid named Tom Schwartz stole his pictures, took them home, burned them, and later pissed on the ashes.

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