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Over the years that they've known each other, Adam and Liam have been engaged in various arguments. These usually end in both people claiming that they're 100% right, and then some evidence being given as proof. Here are some examples:

  • they say cack in Clerks - The word cack was supposedly spread by Alex Loescher as an alternative to the word "cock". When Liam asked Adam how it was spread, Adam claimed that they said the word "cack" in the movie Clerks. Liam disagreed, and the two fought for about a month before Liam finally downloaded the movie and watched it. It was agreed upon that Dante, one of the characters in the movie, asks "Who eats cock?" But because of his New Jersey accent, it sounds like "cack".
  • make like a tree and... - During a game of StarCraft, Adam claimed that the phrase "make like a tree and g-g-get the fuck out of here was from the movie Snatch. Liam argued that it was from Boondock Saints. Boondock Saints was watched again and it was confirmed that Liam was right.
  • What does the panda guy say? - Liam and Adam argued about what the guy in the panda commercial calls the panda at the start. Liam thinks he says 'thinkin' and Adam thinks it sounds more like "Franklin". Liam eventually rescinded in 2011 after viewing the commercial again and conceded that Adam was right.
  • Are there more men or women in the world? - This argument stemmed from a secret club that Adam and Marcus made. To get in, one had to answer a number of questions. Liam wanted in, so they asked him the first question, "How many planets are in the solar system?" Liam answered correctly (9), so they asked him the next question "Are there more women or men in the world?" Liam thought it was men, and they thought it was women, so it was an ongoing argument. Finally, it was shown that women outnumbered men by a very small factor.
  • Which bill is Alexander Hamilton on? - This happened November 7, 2003 during a session of Study Buddies. Liam, Marcus and Adam argued over which bill Alexander Hamilton was on. After a heated incident and some help from Google, he was found to occupy the $10 bill.
  • Liam's moving date - This happened on March 21, 2005. Adam argued that Liam moved in to Sylvan Meadows in the Summer of 1995, while Liam claimed it was the Summer of 1996. Adam claimed that he was "100% sure he was right". Finally, a Happy Valley School yearbook was procured as evidence that Liam was right, yet again. An archive of the AIM conversation is available here.
  • Where is the Cockhouse? - On January 8, 2006, Liam and Adam had an argument about how far away the Cockhouse was from where they both currently live. When Adam first explained where the apartment was, he claimed it was about 7 miles away. After Liam protested, he changed his guess to 5 miles. Liam argued that there was no way it was more than a couple miles. Adam clarified that he was talking about the distance from his house to the Cockhouse, but Liam held steady with his argument. He googled the address and used mapquest, which said it was about 2.3 miles away. Both boys agreed to map the distance out using the odometer of Liam's car. They did so, and found out that the apartment was indeed only 2.3 miles away from Adam's house, less than half of Adam's estimate of 5 miles. An archive of the AIM conversation is available here.
  • Do you have a gun - On May 9, 2007, there was an argument about the sound file associated with "do you have a gun?" Adam said he thought Liam said "Shoot... is it... AC?" But Liam was sure Adam said it. Many of their friends, after listening, thought it sounded like Adam.