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Adam and Marcus react to hearing the man walk in and tell on Liam.

The three boys were kicked out of Blockbuster one of the first times they ever filmed for AML: Hardcore Revolution. One day, Marcus, Adam, and Liam decided to go rent an XBOX game from their local Blockbuster. They arrived to find that most of the games were checked out, but Marcus recommended one called "Hunter: The Reckoning". At this time, Liam was filming inside the story because they had brought their videocamera.

As Marcus and Adam moved to check out, Liam stepped outside to get a wide shot of them checking out the movie. Liam commented that Marcus was going to have a lot of late fees, and they wouldn't be able to rent the game. The video shows Adam mouthing to the camera "Three late fees!" while holding up three of his fingers. All of a sudden, Adam motioned for Liam to put the camera away.

Apparently, while Liam was outside, a man had walked in and informed the Blockbuster employee that she was being filmed. She started freaking out and screaming "No, no, no!" She then ran outside and told Liam to get off the property or she would call security. She then told Adam and Liam that if she saw them again they would be banned from Blockbuster forever.

Naturally, Liam stopped recording with the camera and didn't capture any of this.

The dumb bitch that kitched them out still (as of 2011) works at Blockbuster.