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Brandon Barber in AML: Hardcore Revolution

Brandon Barber was Marcus' friend that was really good at skateboarding. He could frequently be found skateboarding and staying the night over at Marcus' house. He appeared as the comic relief in AML: Hardcore Revolution. He and Marcus stopped hanging out and they didn't really see him.

A couple years passed, and Liam was trying to sell his yellow '85 Honda Civic. Brandon was interested, so he came over to test drive it. Liam wondered if he should go, but Jay Rosen said he'd go out and test drive it with Brandon. Adam came over while they were gone, and the boys started wondering where they were once 45 minutes fast. They drove out in Liam's new car to go look for Jay and Brandon. It turned out the clutch had gotten stuck, rendering the car useless. The boys had to push the car to the parking lot, and Brandon was not able to buy it.