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Ball Hittin' 2000 is a game invented by the boys in the year 2000. Al Luchini used to bring home bags of Washington Mutual bouncy balls. Adam and Liam decided the best course of action was to hit the balls up the street with a bat. They alternated turns, and whoever could hit it the farthest would win. Breaking the balls with sheer power gave the hitter bonus points, although this only happened a couple times. An estimated 400 bouncy balls were lost somewhere on Timber Valley Drive.

The term "cheese the bats" was invented whenever a car was hit, so no evidence would be lying around. This eventually became used as a general term for getting rid of anything.

Mike Schmidt was the designated worst player of the game, after losing 8 bouncy balls while staying over at Liam's house he was banned for the game for life. This started an intense hate of Mike Schmidt on the part of Adam and Marcus.

This game later inspired FieldBall.