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The fieldball playing field. Kara Bredahl says this picture sucks but she's wrong.

FieldBall was invented by Adam on March 11, 2005. It is a version of Ball Hittin' 2000. FieldBall was first played on March 11th by Adam and Liam at Happy Valley Elementary School.


  • Huge field
  • Bouncy balls
  • 2 bats
  • Running shorts/shoes
  • Kickass shades (Not really required, but Adam and Liam often wear sunglasses when playing in sunny weather)


  • The game can be played either as team FieldBall or as two person FieldBall.
  • Teams play rock, paper, scissors for who goes first.
  • The first person throws the bouncy ball up in the air and tries to hit it over the other team's side, like in football.
  • The opposing player tries to hit the ball back. The ball can be hit after any number of bounces. If they successfully hit it, they get an extra hit after that.
  • The opposing player has the option to simply stop the ball with their body.
  • Players take turns hitting.


  • A goal is worth 3 points. If you break the ball, you are awarded two points. If you lose the ball, you are assessed a penalty of -1 points.
  • For team fieldball, players take turns hitting inside their teams, but all players can try to stop or hit back the ball.
  • Games can go until a certain number of points are scored. This should be agreed upon by all players at the start of the game.
  • If a player hits the ball and it goes less than 2 bat-lengths away, they get to re-hit from their original position.

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