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In 1998, Adam hit Liam with a golf club in Marcus' lawn.

The three boys decided to use Marcus' clubs to hit balls in Marcus' backyard. Adam was using the 3 wood club, and he swung to hit a ball. As he was bringing the club back behind his head after hitting it, Liam bent over to pick up another ball, and the club hit him right above the eye. He collapsed to the ground and blood began spurting out of his wound and down his face. It started clotting up in his hand. Some guy at the GTE House and asked the boys if he should call 911. Liam said no, because he was home alone and he thought it was illegal to be home alone if you were in 5th grade.

Marcus's mom gave Liam a towel to put over his wound, and then they went over to Adam's house and watched motocross racing.