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The AML Wrestling Federation was created by the three in the summer of 2001 when they were all big fans of the WWF. The inspiration to film wrestling matches can be attributed to the following sources:

  • Have a Nice Day - A book written by wrestling legend Mick Foley. In it, he discusses how he and his friends put on "hardcore wrestling matches" by throwing one another into cardboard boxes.
  • Adam Luchini's Action Figure Match - Adam got bored one summer night because both Marcus and Liam were out of town, so he made a minature wrestling ring out of an empty cereal box, pencils and rubber bands. Adam then set his camera on a tripod and filmed the ring while he simulated a wrestling match with 2 action figures. (keep in mind that he was 15 at the time, not 6).

The first AML Wrestling program was filmed in early August at Adam's Old House in his front lawn. Wrestlers had their own entrance music, which was produced by putting headphones up to the video camera's microphone and playing a CD on a CD player. Matches were also predetermined, and in between, characters would do promos and skits to fuel story lines.

Several different characters were assigned to the boys:


  • Liface - A good guy, when he wants to be.
  • The Jekel - Dressed in sunglasses and a jester hat, the Jekel played by no rules and would do anything to pin his opponents. Even if it meant KILLING THEM.
    • Entrance Music: Cake - Going the Distance
    • Finisher: The Express


  • Aday - A clean competitor who did things by the book.
  • Folex - A rebel in the name of good. Folex knew how to work a crowd and the ladies loved him.
    • Entrance Music: Mankind Theme
    • Finisher: The Folemex
  • The Commissioner - As the head of the AML Wrestling league, the commissioner often found himself at ends with The Jekel.


  • Mar Mar - Small guy with a chip on his shoulder, always looking for a brawl.
  • Monk - A high flyer and bearer of the AML Wrestling World Title. Monk is famous for getting thrown through a board by Folex in a hardcore match.

An interesting sidenote: To play the entrance music, one would just hold some headphones up to the video camera speakers, so the wrestlers couldn't actually hear it. Adam's genius plan was to put "It's Rainin' Men" by Geri Halliwell as Liam's entrance music, and he would never know until they watched the video. However, Liam discovered this one day when he borrowed Adam's tape recorder and heard Adam explaining the plan to his mother. Liam formed a counter-plan. He was going to wait for the next time Adam was the cameraman and played his entrance music. Then, three seconds into it, he was going to expose him for the sneaky bastard he was. However, both boys never got to put their plans into action because no more wrestling matches were ever filmed.