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Adam searches through the drawers for something to eat.

The Mean Microwave, released on December 24, 2005, is a short film created and filmed by Adam. The idea for the movie stemmed from Adam's real life hate of microwaves. When he was 6, he started to eat a microwaved corn dog. He realized it was still cold, and hadn't been heated up all the way. He ended up getting food poisoning and was sick for a week. Since then, he has always hated microwaves and refuses to eat microwaved food.

In the movie, Adam plays himself in a battle against a mean microwave who wants him to eat microwaved food. He is almost tricked by the microwave when he notices a warm turnover on his plate, but feeds it to Zelda instead. Zelda ends up dying because of the microwaved turnover. The movie ends with a moral: "And that is why you don't eat microwaved food. Ever."