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Jay Rosen and the broken lawnmower stemmed from the fact that Jay was always having problems with his lawnmowers. This was because he was cheap, and to save money he always bought them from second-hand stores. He would rather spend an hour trying to start the mower than pay 100 bucks more for one that actually worked. Liam continually made fun of him about this. One day he and Adam were walking around in the front of Liam's house and noticed Jay trying to start the mower. They started asking him lots of questions, like "How does a motor work?" At that point, Jay had finally got the motor started so he started feeling overconfident and started explaining about how a motor worked:

"Well, it's like a generator in reverse, see..."
(sound of lawnmower sputtering and dying)
"Oh.. oh.. that's not good."

Liam and Adam walked off laughing.