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I just e-mailed my HIP instructor was a quote from Adam back in 2002. Shortly after he got a job at Washington Mutual as a HIP (High School Internship Program), he had to go to a class in Beaverton at 4:00pm. Since he got off of school at around 3:30, he wasn't sure if he could make it there on time. So, he e-mailed the HIP instructor telling her that he would arrive a little late to the class. For some reason, Adam felt it was neccessary to inform everyone on his buddy list that he just did it. Most conversations went like this:

Folex8: I just e-mailed my HIP instructor telling her I may not make it to the meeting on time
Other Person: ???
Other Person: wtf is a HIP?

He told Liam about it, and regularly, the two would send variations of the phrase randomly to people.