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2000 pops was a long-lasting bet and the precursor to american soccer players. It began in mid-1999, amid the major media focus on the dawn of the new millenium and the Y2K crisis.

Adam and Liam came up with a bet. Adam told Liam that when the year 2000 rolled around in 6 months, Liam would owe him 2000 pops (the carbonated beverages). Liam then told Adam he would have to remind him on New Years Eve in order to claim the deal. Time flew by, and both boys pretty much forgot about the bet, although they sometimes remembered it whenever they saw a can of pop.

Adam reminded Liam on December 29th, but then promptly forgot about it. Liam waited the whole day January 1st for him to say something. He didn't, and on January 2nd Liam ran up to the bus stop and reminded Adam about the 2000 pops that he was now ineligible to get. Adam was furious but couldn't do anything because it's just too hard to remember things for that long.

This incident was completely forgotten until August 31, 2005, when Adam made a similar bet about american soccer players.