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This week's featured article

The Fermat prime calculator is a pattern that was constructed by Jason Summers on January 7, 2000 that calculates Fermat prime numbers. It is rigged to self-destruct and stop growing if any Fermat primes over 65537 are found. Since the existence of such primes is an unsolved problem in mathematics, it is unknown if this pattern exhibits infinite growth.

In the news

  • August 29: Goldtiger997 completes a synthesis of the first known 2c/5 spaceship, 44P5H2V0, almost thirty years after its discovery.
  • August 23: Adam P. Goucher adds to slmake a fast elbow push recipe created by Pavel Grankovskiy, based on a c/4 diagonal crab wickstretcher. This means that recipes for self-constructing structures with a not-quite-attainable limit speed of c/4 can now be semi-automatically compiled.
  • August 16: Tanner Jacobi discovers a 14-glider recipe for a crab spaceship, down from the previous cost of 16, which can be used to reduce the size and construction cost of a wickstretcher seed.
  • August 14: Rob Liston finds via apgsearch a third natural loafer emerging from asymmetric soup.
  • August 10: Syntheses of a variety of pufferfish spaceships make their way to Catagolue, thanks to an extension of the time required in online recipe submissions for all gliders to react.
  • August 2-18: Tanner Jacobi completes and later improves a 1G seed for a c/4 diagonal wickstretcher, enabling self-constructing spaceships with the fastest possible diagonal speed of (just below) c/4.
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The LifeWiki contains one of the most comprehensive catalogues of patterns available on the internet. Within it you will find:
  • 1359 patterns (including 519 oscillators, 129 spaceships and 337 still lifes);
  • 2281 images (508 animated and 1773 static);
  • Over 3000 downloadable pattern files;
  • Glider syntheses for 746 patterns.
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