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The Jay Rosen piss hat was a Sunrise baseball hat that was covered in Adam's and Marcus' urine. The two peed on it because the day before, Adam, Joey and Willy were strolling down the street near Liam's House when they spotted a small plastic cone like object sticking in the lawn. Joey removed it from Liam's yard and proceeded to pretend he was a giant dinosaur and the plastic thing was a building to smash.

Jay Rosen came out all pissed off and tells the boys that this was a rain gauge, not some random plastic object and demands an apology. Adam quickly apologized, but Willy and Joey refused and walked off. Liam yells at them, "FINE, GO WALK OFF, ADAM CAN COME IN MY HOUSE NOW AND PLAY COMPUTER GAMES WITH ME!"

Adam told Marcus this story, and the 2 decided to get revenge. Liam left Jay's Sunrise baseball hat over at his house one day, and Adam decided they should get it all dirty. Adam began rubbing dirt and grass all over the hat, but then out of nowhere, Marcus busts out his shlonger and pees on the hat. Adam, liking the way Marcus was thinking, wips out his shlonger and pees on it too. The two then picked up the hat and threw it in Liam's yard.

Later that night, Jay was seen with a Sunrise baseball hat on and Al said, "He smelled funny" after talking with him.