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Liam and Adam's buddy picture, which actually turned out ironically cool

Racquetball is a racquet sport involving a blue bouncy ball, an enclosed court, and people with racquets that hit the ball. Both Liam and Adam are big fans of the sport, and played for the high school team. Because this was the first sport that they ever played together (besides roller hockey in like, 1998) they developed tons of catchphrases associated with it. For example, Adam's nickname A-train was invented by Jeff Dundon in the first year of racquetball.

Joining Adam and Liam on the team in 2001 were a bunch of awesome guys like Mark Seymour and Tony Guntermann, and also some not so awesome guys like Cameron Naghdi and the gay assistant coach, Jack.

Notable Stuff

  • Tony Guntermann - one of the coolest guys ever. He played in the band and whenever he saw you he would push you lightly and say "psssh". He was also one of the best racquetball players.
  • Racquin' Around - Adam's idea for a show about the racquetball team. We had no idea what the plot of the show was, only that the name was really clever. Everyone would play a different character, and somehow he envisioned Cameron Naghdi as the "team rhino". So everyday someone would say, "CAM, YOU'RE A RHINO", and he would do his rhino horns.
  • that kid punched me! - One day a kid named Jeff Hayes came during the workout section of practice. He wasn't even on the team, so Liam didn't know who he was. Liam was saying some gay thing as usual when they were running, and all of a sudden Jeff turned around and socked him right in the stomach, causing Liam to utter "Hey, that kid punched me!" No one cared and they all laughed at Liam's misery.
  • Galen Barry - Galen Barry was Adam's rival. He went to Franklin and was about the same skill level as Adam. They played one game before Adam declared war on Galen Barry. From then on he was always Adam's rival, even though he got really good the next year and shot up in the rankings. Later on Liam and Adam found Galen Barry on Facebook and friended him.
  • Jack the gay assistant coach - Jack was class of 2001, and he was the gayest person ever. He had long hair and liked to "flirt with boys". Everyone hated Jack because he was so gay.
  • Mark's sister - Mark Seymour had a hot older sister. She would take Kyle, Mark, Liam, and Adam to practice every Monday. She would never say anything to any of the boys, and would either listen to music and talk on her cell phone. One time, she was playing some music and Kyle said it was his favorite song, so she changed it.
  • traffic cone - a nickname for this really weird kid named Scott. Every day he wore an orange hat, so everyone called him traffic cone. He was possibly very bisexual.
  • hey this is our bad team - the CHS racquetball team was divided into two smaller teams with 10 people each. Liam and Adam were on the bad team, and they got beat badly by Beaverton. Liam passed a couple guys talking about how badly they beat Clackamas, and Liam yelled in the gayest voice possible: "HEY THIS IS OUR BAD TEAM!" and then disappeared in the locker room. It was one of the gayest things he has ever done.
  • that's respectable - Before every game, both players "lag", which means they hit the ball and see who can get close to a line. When a lag was good, Adam and Liam would call it a "respectable lag." This started a trend of calling EVERYTHING respectable.