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The man himself

Mr. Huber was an electronics teacher that both Liam and Adam had. He taught at Sabin Skills Center, which was a technical highschool affiliated with Clackamas High School. Liam took electronics his freshman year and Adam took it his sophomore year.

Mr. Huber was the coolest teacher ever. He was extremely scatterbrained, and would frequently have to hit himself in the head and say "Come on, Huber!" to get himself to think. Once he did think, he was basically an electronics genius. He could solve any problem in any circuit. For this reason, whenever anything was broken, Adam would always say "Mr. Huber could fix that!"

Once the war in Iraq started, Mr. Huber got called up to go serve in the Air Force and fix planes. He was never seen again.


  • Andrew Snagruff: I'm going to be cool and copy whatever you say.
  • Mr. Huber: Ok. (Out Loud) I'm Gay!
  • Andrew: Pshh! I'm not!
  • Mr. Huber: I...I..I'm not gay!

  • (Rylie Murray ruffles through parts, an offense of Mr. Huber's rules)
  • Mr. Huber: Hey! Bad Dog! Hey! Hey! Bad Dog! Get Away!
  • (Rylie shuffles away, obviously tired)
  • Mr. Huber raises his arms and shouts: ARRRHGHH!!!
  • Rylie: Mmph..
  • (Mr. Huber Shrugs): Just trying to be funny!

  • (Rylie writes "Andrew Snagruff loves the cack" on computer screen.)
  • (Mr. Huber walks over.)
  • Mr Huber: What? What is this? Andrew Snagruff loves the cack? What's cack. Cack? COCK?
  • Mr. Huber: We just had a talk about offensive content on the computer! Log out, right now.

  • "Right arm!" - what Huber said instead of "Right on!"

  • "WHO NEXT" - when asking who was next in line