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Little Adam (born 1990) lived across Winter Creek Court from Marcus. He was a spoiled brat that cried to his mom whenever the AML crew played pranks on him. His real name is Adam Sheely, but he gained the name Little Adam so they didn't confuse him with Adam.

The first time the AML crew met Little Adam: Adam and Liam were playing basketball in Shady Meadow court. Suddenly, Little Adam walks down into the court and simply stared at them. He doesn't ask to play, just stares while they continue having fun (albeit this time, more awkwardly).

Marcus had a love/hate relationship with Little Adam. He claimed to hate him like Liam and Adam did, but he often went over his house to play video games and ride dirt bikes.

Little Adam had a sister named Heather, and one time the AML crew were engaged in a water fight with her and her friend. AML was winning as usual, so the girls decided on a great plan to get them back. They would fill a giant bucket with water and dump it all over them. Of course, they managed to fill the bucket up, but didn't even have the strength to move it. So the boys went down, picked the bucket up, and soaked the girls. Heather was wearing a white t-shirt and when it was soaked it was quite obviously see-through. Marcus shouted "I can see your boobies! HONK HONK, HONK HONK!" And she ran in the house crying.