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ggggggg is the official AML code for "My parents are reading this" on AIM. It originated when Liam was talking to Adam about some unknown not work safe subject over AIM. Adam's mom walked in and started reading it so Adam quickly typed "ggggggggggggggggg" to get the text off the screen. He then said "Did you see that movie where the guy jumped out of the helicopter? That was awesome." Liam failed to play along, instead asking Adam what he was talking about. Adam had to wait ten minutes to explain it to Liam. They decreed a new AML codeword: typing the letter "g" over and over to signify that one's parents were in the room. This even spread to their friends outside of AML. This fell out of use due to the fact that they grew up and were able to get away with saying more risque stuff around their parents.