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Adam had darts and a dartboard in his garage. A favorite pasttime of the boys was to take a pop can, shake it up real hard, set it on a stool, and throw darts at it. The countdown to throw the darts was always "1...2...3...BIIIIIG BERTHA!" followed by rapid release of the dart from the hand.

The first day the boys ever did this, it took them about 15 tries to hit the pop can. On the 15th, both of them yelled the countdown and released at the same time, both of the darts striking it in perfect unity and exuding an awesomeness that can only be described as AML. The pop can exploded and fizzed all over the place. Adam and Liam agreed it was one of the coolest moments ever.

Another time, they set up to do it again, but Adam got distracted by a praying mantis and Liam threw it all by himself and made the pop can explode. This made Adam mad and they never played darts again.