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The 122nd Berry Game was discovered one summer day when the AML crew noticed a tree near Marcus' house that grew ping-pong sized purple berries. The three collected them in a bucket just in case they would need them for a future event. That night, they gathered up some flashlights and brought the bucket to the top of their street. They placed about 6 berries in the middle of the road when a car would run over them, they would shine their flashlights to see the smashed mess. They repeated this process until the bucket was empty. Months later, a huge dark stain remained on the street from all the berry juice.

Eventually, when Sunnyside was being expanded into a bigger road, the game morphed into a "chuck berries at cars" game. The boys would hide behind a big stack of pipes and throw the berries at cars driving down Sunnyside, trying to achieve the ultimate goal - throwing a berry through the open window of someone's car.