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Adam's Old House is located on Timber Valley Drive, right across the street from Liam's House. The Luchini Family lived there from 1990 to 2003. One day, Adam was suddenly informed that their whole family was moving half a mile down the street, to Adam's New House. AML tried to convince his parents otherwise, but for some reason they still moved. Since Adam left Sylvan Meadows, the neighborhood has gone downhill.

Right before Adam moved out, Liam left a note behind a secret loose brick in a fireplace, telling the new owners that Adam Luchini had lived there, and venting his anger at them taking Adam's House away. No one knows if they ever found it.

The house was bought by a young couple from Montana, who put up a Bush/Cheney '04 sign shortly after moving in. Every time Adam sees his old house, he remarks at how much they have tainted it.