Start bash shell (cygwin) with correct path without changing directory



I need to run a cygwin shell script without changing the working directory, from outside the cygwin environment.

If I run just \path\to\bash.exe -c command, then the path is not set correctly and cygwin programs can't be found.

If I use the --login option, bash sets the path correctly, but also changes to my home directory.

What options should I use to launch bash to keep the current working directory, and also find cygwin executables?

Ben Voigt

Posted 2011-10-12T22:02:36.283

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Hi, similar question was being discussed at StackOverflow:

– Roman Hocke – 2014-01-16T11:15:12.820

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It turns out that the cygwin default /etc/profile checks for an environment variable named CHERE_INVOKING and inhibits the change of directory if set.


\path\to\bash.exe -l -c command

has the desired behavior.

Ben Voigt

Posted 2011-10-12T22:02:36.283

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This works for invoking MSYS2 bash as well. – tharen – 2015-01-09T08:32:55.930