Yendorian Forest

This forest was planted by one of the wizards from the Ivory Tower to conduct experiments with gravity.

The Yendorian Forest is a gravity land that is accessible when you collect 10 Ivory Figurines from the Ivory Tower, and can only be found on the Crossroads. The treasure is Apples.

Structure and Gravity

The land has three parts: the trunk, the leaves, and the sky(?).


The trunk has no gravity, and splits into three every heptagonal cell.


The leaves can spawn Apples, and along with the sky, are the home of Sparrowhawks. They contain weak branches and solid branches. They have a Zebra-like pattern: at an odd number of cells away from the Great Wall, they're darker (this doesn't apply to weak branches).

The weak branches allow enemy movement on all sides, but if the cell they move in is a canopy (a leaf cell with no branches) or the sky, they break.

The solid branches also allow enemy movement on all sides, but they don't break.


The sky is the blue part of the Forest. It has rectangles facing the Great Wall.


Gravity applies when you're in the canopy and in the sky. Unless you were in a stable cell (a cell with no gravity) or the cell you're moving to is a stable cell, it is not possible to move away from the Great wall, or keep the same distance from the Great Wall.


The monsters in the Forest are the Sparrowhawk and the Yendorian Reasearcher.


Trees in the Yendorian Forest are flammable, and once a tree tile starts burning, the entire tree will burn. It is generally an extremely bad idea to bring fire of any form into the Forest (whether by an Orb that causes branches to burn, or a monster that ignites nearby objects), since the player will almost certainly get trapped and die.

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