Kite Shield (5e Equipment)

Kite Shield

Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
35 gp+313Disadvantage10 lb.

A kite shield, also known as a teardrop shield, is a heavier variant of the classic round shield, extending downward into a point at the base. To help compensate for the additional weight, kite shields are fitted with straps through which the arm is secured, rather than being held only by a handle behind the central boss.

Unwieldy. Though kite shields were developed for use by mounted cavalry, they can still be wielded by foot soldiers. When an unmounted combatant wields a kite shield, they take a 5 foot movement speed penalty.

Purpose-Built. Kite shields are designed to protect both mount and rider in combat. When a mounted combatant wields a kite shield, their mount receives a +2 bonus to AC.

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