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This is the top page for the D&D Wiki Magazine, provisionally called "Houserule". It is published on a quarterly basis. Like the rest of this wiki, the magazine is a collaborative project. As such, please, feel free to jump right in and start participating! We are always in need of content reviwers, to ensure that only the best material gets published, and content editors to make sure we have enough interesting material, and to polish the articles to their finest possible state. All users who participate in this process (even those who only coincidentally added or edited a page that was published) will be recognized in the credits for each issue, by user name to respect your privacy.

Dedicated Users

These are users who have stepped up to the responsibility of sustaining this project. Dedicated users are no different than any other user, they have just openly taken the time to dedicate many of their activities on this wiki to this project in some way. If you are serious about making this project, and our wiki by extension, the best that it can be, please join the team!

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Issue Themes


Each issue of the dandwiki magazine is restricted by a theme. The community votes on the theme for the next issue, (I dunno, for the duration of the last month of the current project?). At the start of the voting period, any editor can open the vote by changing the text above to "OPEN". At the end of the voting period, any editor who notices should close the vote. The votes are then counted by the head editor and the theme for the next issue is selected. (Should votes from previous issues be carried over still? Or should we purge them everyquarter?) To vote on a theme, simply edit this page, adding your name next to the top 3 themes you would like to see the most.

  • Angels (1 vote)
  • Bad Guys (2 Vote)
(Ideas, items, feats, etc for the DM to use against the players)
  • Castles (2 votes)
  • Dragons (2 votes)
  • Dungeons (3 vote)
  • Dwarven (2 Vote)
  • Elven (1 vote)
  • Fairy Tale's Iconic An- and Protagonists (2 Vote)
(e.g. trolls, big-bad wolf, Pooka, etc)
  • Fey
  • Fiends (2 vote)
  • Fire
  • Holy (2 vote)
  • Hybrids (4 vote)
(Demigods, Dhampir, .....)
  • Giants (1 vote)
  • Magic (1 vote)
  • Magic Weapons
  • Martial Arts (3 Votes)
  • Monstrosity (1 vote)
  • Mystery (1 vote)
  • Nature (1 vote)
(Stag Centaurs...)
  • Oozes and Slimes (3 votes)
(No idea what to talk about in there except about ooze creatures which are boring, unless you are going to talk about an ooze dragon which is really a good challange to make)
  • Outlander (1 vote)
  • Snakes (1 vote)
  • Swashbuckler (1 vote)
  • Steel & Machines (2 vote)
(Good opportunity to showcase some of our many homebrew weapons)
  • Stone & Sand (1 vote)
  • Time and Space (1 vote)
  • Undead (2 vote)

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