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This page lists all of the current community projects which users may decide to participate in.

Open Projects

Tavern Chatroom
Chat with other users on D&D Wiki! The chatroom uses your user account, and no extra registration is required. If you experience a problem in the chatroom, please let an admin know.
DnD Discussion
Communicate with other uses in a form-like environment. You can even run and participate in play-by-post D&D games!
Featured Articles
This is a project to find and showcase the best the wiki has to offer. Know of an amazing page you think should be featured? Nominate it!
D&D Wiki on Facebook
This is the facebook page representing our website and community. It is a communication and advertising tool. Project membership is currently restricted to administrators.
D&D Wiki Magazine
A quarterly published e-zine made by the D&D Wiki community. Anyone can get involved- even users who don't have accounts, so go ahead and get involved!
D20 Open Game Content Publication Transcription Project
An ongoing project to transcribe Open Game Content to D&D Wiki.
D&D Wiki on Discord
This is D&D Wiki's official Discord server. You must confirm your email address on Discord to use the server.

Closed Projects

gollark: I can't ctrl+F that in RFC 2616.
gollark: It's one of those necessary-evil things if you have some security reason. Otherwise no.
gollark: It's clearly called "not found".
gollark: Really? I don't agree.
gollark: Unless it's important for some security reason that you not even know said item exists.
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