Stephen Silver

Stephen A. Silver is a Life enthusiast who is most well-known in the Life world as the creator and maintainer of the Life Lexicon , which is one of the most well-known and most used websites for learning about basic patterns and definitions used in Conway's Game of Life.

Stephen Silver
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His pattern discoveries include mosquito 4, which was the smallest-known (in terms of its initial number of cells) quadratically-growing pattern for a few days (until it was surpassed by mosquito 5). He also found the only known tagalong for the weekender, as well as the first true period 55 gun (with the help of Noam Elkies and David Buckingham). He found the glider synthesis that led to the construction of the first Cordergun in July 1999.

Additionally, he found a four-glider method of constructing a table next to another object, which led to a smaller glider syntheses of several still lifes.

Another prominent discovery of his is a reflector, discovered in November 1998. It still holds the record of the smallest and the fastest spartan stable reflector.

Patterns found by Stephen Silver

gollark: Wrong.
gollark: WHY
gollark: Yes, this is documented.
gollark: Macron idea: `let` initiates a runtime compile error.


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