New gun 2

New gun 2 is a glider gun that consists of a period 144 block factory whose output is converted into gliders by the no-longer-unnamed period 72 oscillator "two blockers hassling R-pentomino". It is David Bell's improvement of a gun that Bill Gosper found in July 1994. The period 72 oscillator is by Robert Wainwright, 1990, and the block factory is Achim's p144 minus one of its stabilizing blocks.

New gun 2
<html><div class="rle"><div class="codebox"><div style="display:none;"><code></html>x = 51, y = 24, rule = B3/S23 23b2o24b2o$23b2o24b2o$41b2o$40bo2bo$41b2o2$36b3o$36bobo$9b2o25b3o$9b2o 25b2o$8bo2bo23b3o$8bo2bob2o20bobo$8bo4b2o20b3o$10b2ob2o$31b2o$21b2o7bo 2bo$21b2o8b2o$49b2o$49b2o2$4b2o18bo$2o4b4o10b2o2b2ob3o$2o2b2ob3o10b2o 4b4o$4bo19b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] <nowiki>#C [[ GPS 16 ZOOM 10 LOOP 144 ]]</nowiki> <html></code></div></div><canvas width="200" height="300" style="margin-left:1px;"><noscript></html> <html></noscript></canvas></div></html>
Pattern type Gun
Number of cells 95
Bounding box 52×25
Period 144
Barrels 1
Discovered by Bill Gosper
David Bell
Year of discovery 1994

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