Achim's p144

Achim's p144 is a period-144 oscillator that was found (minus all the blocks) on a cylinder of width 22 by Achim Flammenkamp on July 21, 1994. Dean Hickerson reduced it to a finite form using figure eights the same day. The neater finite form shown here - replacing the figure eights with blocks - was found by David Bell on August 8, 1994.[1]

Achim's p144
<html><div class="rle"><div class="codebox"><div style="display:none;"><code></html>x = 28, y = 19, rule = B3/S23 2o24b2o$2o24b2o$18b2o$17bo2bo$18b2o$14bo$13bobo$12bo3bo$12bo2bo2$12bo 2bo$11bo3bo$12bobo$13bo$8b2o$7bo2bo$8b2o$2o24b2o$2o24b2o! #C [[ THUMBSIZE 2 THEME 6 GRID GRIDMAJOR 0 SUPPRESS THUMBLAUNCH ]] #C [[ AUTOSTART ]] <nowiki>#C [[ LOOP 144 GPS 24 THUMBSIZE 2 ]]</nowiki> <html></code></div></div><canvas width="200" height="300" style="margin-left:1px;"><noscript></html> <html></noscript></canvas></div></html>
Pattern type Oscillator
Number of cells 42
Bounding box 30×19
Period 144
Mod 72
Heat 31.9
Volatility 1.00
Strict volatility 0.95
Discovered by Achim Flammenkamp
Dean Hickerson
David Bell
Year of discovery 1994

It first appeared semi-naturally on May 2, 2019, in a symmetric soup submitted to Catagolue by carybe.[2]

See factory for a use of this oscillator.

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